Plants of Merit

Plants of Merit are plants selected for their outstanding quality and dependable performance for the lower Midwest. They grow consistently well in Missouri, central and southern Illinois, and the Kansas City Metro area.

Plants of Merit Selection Criteria

  • Easy to grow and maintain
  • Not known to be invasive in our area
  • Resistant or tolerant to diseases and insects
  • Has outstanding ornamental value
  • Reasonably available to purchase

Plants of Merit selections by year (PDF): Plants of Merit: 2000 - 2o20

Plants of Merit selections by botanical name: Go to Plant Finder and select "Plant of Merit" under the Quick Search section

New for 2020



Shooting star
Dodecatheon meadia

Snake's head fritillary
Fritillaria meleagris






Ornamental onion
Allium 'Millenium'

Pale purple coneflower
Echinacea pallida 



Alabama snow wreath
Neviusia alabamensis 





For a listing of all the Plants of Merit go to the Plant Finder search page and select "Plant of Merit" in the Quick Search section.