Therapeutic Horticulture Menu of Services

TeaThe Therapeutic Horticulture staff are able to customize programs to the unique needs of your group. These programs can be done at the Missouri Botanical Garden or at the organization’s site. Format for can be one-on-one or small groups. We also have capacity to provide larger events for your group, i.e Family Night.

The below Menu of Services highlights many of the most popular program options. List prices are for material fees only. Program fees include staff time which is $50/hour.

Floral Arranging

Small – 2 to 3 different flowers $5   fine motor skills; memory recall; increase self-worth; sensory engagement

Medium – 4 to 5 different flowers $8  

Large – 6 to 7 different flowers $10  
Nature Printing

Natural materials provide inspiration and artistic media for creating greeting cards, bookmarks, and small prints that can be framed. Additional activity: Flower Pounding. $2–5
  fine motor skills; increase self-esteem with positive outcomes; de-stress; diversion; tactile engagement
Sensory Container Gardening

Planting 2–3 large containers for facility (must take place at facility) $5   fine motor skills; tactile engagement, task initiation

Planting individual plant per person
All About Tea 

Discover the world of tea with a focus on using herbs. Create herbal tea bags to take home. $4
  fine motor skills; de-stress; olfactory engagement
Nature Journaling  

Learn about the practice of Nature Journaling. Create a nature inspired journal and participate in a writing or drawing activity. $2–5
  inspire creativity; stress reduction; mindfulness

The Power of Plants  

Explore activities designed to utilize plants in creative ways. Examples includes plant pressing, herb and flower drying and flower confetti. $2
  creativity; fine motor skills; ongoing activity for enrichment
Sensory Exploration

Explore a variety of plant material using all your senses to discover textures, scent, sounds, taste and shape and color. Includes a guided walk to Sensory Garden and other spaces. No additional cost   tactile engagement; olfactory engagement; memory recall


Therapeutic Horticultural Programs at the Garden are made possible
through contributions by:

Friends and family of Dr. Samuel D. Soule
Dr. Oscar and Barbara Soule
Edward Chase Garvey Memorial Foundation
E. Reuben and Gladys Flora Grant Charitable Trust
Mary Anne Lucas Fund
Van Evera Foundation
Maritz Corporation