Automatic Renewal Program
Sustainable Support

Enroll in our Automatic Renewal Program and conveniently support the Garden on an ongoing basis.

It’s Easy!

Automatic monthly or annual payments from your credit or debit card mean ongoing membership benefits until you make a change.

It’s Affordable!

If you choose the monthly option, you can spread your membership dues throughout the year. 

It’s Green!

Your support goes even further by saving on postage, paper, and administrative costs.

How it Works

To enroll in the Automatic Renewal Program, you provide the Garden with a valid credit or debit card and select the amount and frequency of your gifts. Choose between monthly contributions towards a Friends and Family membership or higher, or an annual donation with any gift amount you choose:

Monthly Option (available for select levels only)

  • $125 Friends and Family - $10.50 monthly
  • $225 Festival – $18.75 monthly
  • $500 President’s Contributor – $41.50 monthly
  • $1,000 President’s Circle – $83 monthly
  • $1,500 Henry Shaw Associate – $125 monthly
  • Additional amounts available

Annual Option (available at all levels)

  • Charged once per year during your month of expiration

The Garden will securely store your credit card and charge your membership dues on or near the 15th of the appropriate month(s) at the then-current rate. Each year, as your membership nears its auto-renewal, you will receive an email reminder from us, followed shortly by a new set of mailed membership cards. You may opt out of the Automatic Renewal Program at any time by notifying the Membership Department.

To enroll or adjust your giving preferences, please contact the membership department at (314) 577-5118 or visit the Garden’s membership desk. It is not possible to enroll online at this time.