The Garden has partnered with Cuseum to provide digital membership cards, a convenient option for members checking in at our three locations.  

If you are a member, you will receive an email to install a digital membership card at the time of enrollment or after your next renewal. Once downloaded to your smartphone, your digital card will automatically update each year when you renew and serve as proof of membership at our three locations and when you visit our reciprocal partners.  

Please note: At this time, digital cards are not replacing traditional printed cards. You will still receive a set of printed cards with your membership packet.  


Digital Membership Card FAQs

Learn how to install and use your digital membership card with the information below.  

I just joined. When will I receive my digital membership card? 
Once your membership is processed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download and access your new digital membership card. This may take up to six weeks, depending on the time of year.  

I just renewed. When will I receive my digital membership card? 
If you have never received a digital card before, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download and access your new digital membership card once your renewal is processed. If you have already been using a digital card, the card in your phone’s wallet will automatically update on your renewal. Please note that if you renew early, your new expiration date may not refresh until your current membership term ends. 

How do I add the digital membership card to my iPhone? 
Open the email you received from the Garden on your iPhone (not from your computer) and click the “Download Membership Card” button. Then click “Add to Wallet” and “Add.” The card will automatically save in your iPhone’s Apple Wallet and can be accessed there at any time.  Click here for more detailed instructions.  

How do I add the digital membership card to my Android phone? 
If you do not already have a preferred wallet app on your Android phone, start by downloading Wallet Passes from Google Play. Once the app is installed, open the email you received from the Garden on your smartphone (not your computer) and click “Download.” Your digital membership card will automatically save to your Wallet Passes app, where it can be accessed at any time. Please note: A variety of other wallet apps are available on Android, such as Google Wallet or PassWallet. Installation directions for those apps may vary slightly. Click here for more detailed instructions.   

I need a new link for downloading my digital card. What should I do? 
Contact the membership team at (314) 577-5100 or  

I am a current member who is not set to renew soon. Can I still get a digital membership card?  
YES! Contact the membership team at (314) 577-5100 or with your request.  

How do I use my digital card at the Garden, Butterfly House, or Shaw Nature Reserve? 
Your digital card can be presented at the scanning stations or ticket counter in the Garden’s Visitor Center or at the entrance of the Butterfly House or Shaw Nature Reserve for the number of free general admissions associated with your membership. Digital cards cannot be used in place of tickets for paid events, including Garden Glow and our signature festivals. Also, please remember, memberships are nontransferable. A named cardholder must be present to take advantage of benefits, and our staff reserves the right to ask for a photo ID along with your membership card.  

There are two named members on my membership. How can the second member receive a digital card? 
If your membership allows for two named cardholders (all levels except Individual), then your digital membership card can be added to two mobile devices. If we have email addresses for both cardholders, then each address will receive an email.   

If your second cardholder did not receive an email, you can send the digital membership by sharing the card from your wallet app. iPhone users should click on the three dots on the top right and select “Pass Details.” From there, click on the share icon (also on the top right) and choose how you wish to share the card (via text, email, or AirDrop). Android users should look to for an “i” icon at the bottom of your digital card (may not be available in all apps). Once you tap on the “i” icon, you will see a “share pass” button. Tap and select how you would like to send the pass.

IMPORTANT: Your digital membership card cannot be shared with anyone who is not listed on your membership. Garden staff may request a photo ID upon entry to ensure that only named cardholders are using your digital card. 

How do I update the information on my card if it is incorrect or if I need to update my email address or named cardholders? 
Please reach out to the membership team at (314) 577-5100 or with any requested changes.  



For more general information about your membership, please explore our Membership FAQs.