Backyard Science Summer Programs

$150 per program for up to 30 students and 6 adults

Growing Up: Butterfly
Ages 3-6
Story and Hide

Learn how butterflies grow up by participating in an interactive puppet show. Then, students will create a paper butterfly of their own and try to hide it from hungry predators in our exciting game of camouflage.

The Magic of Metamophosis
Ages 6-8
Wings and Adventures

Explore the magic of the butterfly lifecycle by looking at real specimens of butterfly eggs, caterpillars and chrysalises. Students will get the chance to look at real butterfly wings. We conclude by comparing the lifecycle of a plant to the lifecycle of an insect, and each student will get to create their own pollinator craft to take home.

Insect Investigators
Ages 8-12
Wings and Living

Older students can learn about the butterfly lifecycle by examining real specimens with magnifying lenses. Then, they will learn to identify different species of butterflies by using an identification key, just like a real entomologist.

We will also come to you for an outreach program!
Choose from many exciting programs:

  • Story of Butterfly
  • Honeybees
  • Ladybugs
  • Much more!

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