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The flora of Madagascar is a global priority for research and conservation



Situated in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa, Madagascar is home to extremely diverse and highly threatened flora & fauna. The island is home to ~14,000 native plant species, 90% of which are found no where else on earth, and many more still yet to be discovered.

The Garden has had a sustained research presence in Madagascar since the 1970s, and established permanent operations there in the 1980s. The program grew locally and organically, and there are now more than 150 staff members associated with it, of which, almost all are Malagasy. Our main program themes include conducting biodiversity research and supporting ethnobotanical and traditional knowledge.


Community-based Conservation






Restore The Forest

Explore the Garden's work in restoring the Ankarabolava-Agnakatrika Forest in Southeastern Madagascar.

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Garden researchers conduct field work in Madagascar

Experience the Sights & Sounds of Madagascar

See the work of Garden researchers in our Madagascar Program Flickr Group.

Meet the staff of the Madagascar program and learn more about their work.

Vohibe Forest 360° view
Alan 'i Vohibe (Vohibe Conservation Song) (video)

Discover some of the unique wildlife of the Madagascar jungle.

Red lemur in Madagascar forest (video)
Night call of the indri (audio)

Madagascar Book Cover

25 Years of Exploration, Discovery & Conservation

by Liz Fathman
with foreword by Dr. Peter Wyse Jackson

Go inside the lives and work of the many dedicated individuals who make up the Garden's Madagascar Research and Conservation Program.

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