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The next time you start a new workday, look around. If you have a sprawling corporate campus, is it mostly lawn? If you have mostly pavement, are there patches of potential habitat islands in the parking lot or along the perimeter of buildings? Rethink your workplace in terms of its potential as thriving wildlife habitat. Help us populate the case study portfolio below with real stories from across the St. Louis region. Doing something of significance at your place of work? Share your project and story
  • corporate campus – Maritz
  • business/office park – your story here
  • parking lot – your story here
  • public transit station – your story here
  • hospital/care center – your story here
  • retail/entertainment center – your story here
  • marque entrance planting – your story here
  • highway berm/median – your story here
Bat house
Bat house

Quick Tip: Put up a bluebird nest box. Or a bat house. Or a toad abode. Or simply lobby for that dead tree to stay and not get chopped down (as long as it’s not a safety hazard). Some birds only roost in dead trees. The outdoor nooks and niches of your place of business could become more welcoming to wildlife, and way more interesting places for lunch breaks!

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