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Throughout each season, the greater St. Louis area boasts fantastic outdoor recreation. From our magnificent rivers, impressive parks and nature reserves to biking and hiking trails, golf courses and athletic fields, the outdoors beckons year-round. But next time you’re taking in a soccer game or round of golf, take a closer look. While lawn is great for athletic fields, what about the perimeter? More room for shade trees, perhaps? Bird and butterfly gardens? Let’s expect more of our favorite outdoor destinations, and help them work harder for wildlife. Help us populate the case study portfolio below with real stories from across the St. Louis region. Is your favorite outdoor spot doing something above and beyond to nurture nature? Share your project and story
  • city/state/national park – your story here
  • trail/greenway – your story here
  • nature reserve/sanctuary/wildlife refuge – your story here
  • vacation resort – Innsbrook Resort
  • golf course/athletic field – your story here
Couple recycling

Quick Tip: Next time you’re spending time in the great outdoors, for whatever reason, leave it cleaner than how you found it. Conduct your own personal community clean up, putting trash where it belongs and recycling where and when you can. This simple act can make our outdoor places prettier, safer and more hospitable habitat for all.

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