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Whether your school is a preschool center, a K–12 school or a university, your campus landscapes can support and sustain local wildlife in ways ranging from super-easy (see Quick Tip) to multi-year ecological restoration. Help us populate the case study portfolio below with real stories from across the St. Louis region. Doing something of significance on campus? Share your project and story
  • early childhood/preschool center – your story here
  • elementary school – your story here
  • middle school – your story here
  • high school our story here – your story here
  • college or university campus – your story here
  • homeschool – your story here

Container gardenQuick Tip: Plant and care for a container garden. If digging in the ground isn’t an easy or convenient option for you, try a small container garden made up of three different sized pots. Download a great article that lists easy-to-grow, wildlife-attracting natives for containers.

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