Students Conduct Waste Audits

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Students sorting trashStudents got “hands on” experience doing waste audits at their schools this fall. Fourth, fifth and sixth graders collected school trash for a day and EarthWays staff helped them sort it into recycling, compost and landfill trash. The schools will use the results of the waste audits to establish a Green Team and learn about waste reduction through special projects and classroom activities. 

Halls Ferry Elementary, Griffith School, St. Francis of Assisi and Gotsch Elementary are participating in the pilot year of the EarthWays Sustainability Network, a teacher Professional Development network dedicated to supporting teachers in efforts to increase the topic of sustainability in their curriculum and on school campuses.

This program is funded from a grant from Saint Louis County Department of Public Health utilizing County landfill surcharge. For more information, contact Kat Golden at (314) 577-0207 or  katherine.golden@mobot.org.

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