Sustainability at the Garden - Meet the Challenge!

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Demolition projects always result in large amounts of construction waste, and the Garden works to divert as much waste as possible from the landfill. In the recent demolition of the structures at the site of the new Oertli Family Hardy Plant Nursery, the Garden was able to divert 80% of the debris generated by the demolition.Oertli Greenhouse demo

Trash is often filled with “raw materials” and as a result, the Garden was able to recycle over 8,400 tons of the construction material. This included 7,950 tons of concrete (that will be crushed and used as road base or aggregate), 486 tons of steel , 1,000 pounds of copper wiring and 200 wood timbers that will be reused or recycled by various businesses.

Of the 10,584 tons of material, only 2,147 tons were actual waste. A s we move forward, we look for even more ways to develop sustainable practices at the Garden to help create an environment to support our mission of plant conservation. 

See the new video that shows the many ways the Garden strives to Grow Green – Build Green – Share Green.

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