Energy Efficiency on the Move

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Energy Efficiency on the Move

Part of my work in the Energy Efficiency world revolves around spreading the good word about best practices and rebate opportunities to HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) contractors all round Missouri. There are, like the St. Louis area, contractors both large and small. Sometimes folks just need to be reminded of the technical details around a rebate program or need a little refresher in combining rebates from more than one energy provider.

Other discussions include deep dives on whole home performance, the best sequence for energy efficiency improvements, and so on.

Each project/home is unique, though it is safe to say, in most instances: air sealing, followed by insulation upgrades, and then updating to more efficient equipment (AC, furnace, or water heater) is the likely way to go. The improvements in air sealing and insulation will reduce the size and cost of the new appliances. All of this will lower bills and improve comfort in the bargain.

For our friends in Liberty Utilities Natural Gas territory, please look here for rebates.

For Ameren Missouri Customers look here.

For Spire customers look here.

Another benefit of the travel around the state is to witness the remarkable architecture in our smaller Missouri towns. Here’s a peek at a few barns along the way.





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