EarthWays Center Greets a New Team Member!

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As many of you know we have filled the position for our long awaited Sustainability Program and Events Specialist – a position uniquely positioned to provide robust support to three distinct program areas. We were thrilled to offer the position to Angelina O’Donnell which she started on July 8!

Angelina initially joined us in mid-January as an intern in support of EarthWays Events and Marketing after studying Public Relations & Technical Writing at Missouri State University. She was a consistent and enthusiastic team player from day one and stayed on thru our annual Green Living Festival (almost six months!) to assist with that event going smoothly for the Garden and our team. She is a whiz with social media and has made a great impact with EarthWay’s Instagram and offered great visuals for our Give STL Day this past spring and later the Festival.

Aside from working on EarthWays events and marketing she will also be very busy assisting with the regional St. Louis Green Business Challenge and supporting our education team with *Enviroscape® reservations and coordination. She is also already an integral member of the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Green Team helping with everything from TerraCycle collection for our staff and volunteers to whatever is needed to help us collectively meet our sustainability goals.

In her free time, Angelina is an avid gardener and enjoys raising everything from sunflowers to succulents and reads voraciously to stay informed. She also spends time exploring and hiking through the outdoors with her family and friends as well as the urban landscapes seeking out interesting artistic experiences.

To reach Angelina about any of the programs and projects mentioned above contact her at aodonnell@mobot.org or (314) 577-9473 ext. 76308.

*The EnviroScape® is a visual, hands-on tool that demonstrates how water pollution results from everyday activities. Through this demonstration, students will learn how everyone in their community can reduce non-point source pollution and have healthier watersheds.

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