It's Sustainability Season - Get Your Students Involved!

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EarthWays Center is excited to be providing virtual school programs this fall and winter. Below is a sample of programs you can schedule for students. These are our most popular topics - custom presentations on other sustainability topics can also be scheduled. Programs are free if you are located in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, or Jefferson County through funding from the St. Louis Jefferson Solid Waste Management District.

  • Garbology 101 - Use a 3D tabletop model to explore the engineering and design of modern landfills in order to better understand where our garbage goes when we throw things away and the importance of 3Rs practices.
  • Recycling 101 - Students learn what materials can be recycled, reused, and sent to the landfill.
  • Decomposer Detectives - Students investigate and observe a working vermicompost (worm) bin to explore how composting can be a sustainable solution for food waste.

MSD Clean Water Programs are presented in partnership with MSD’s Project Clear. These programs are free if you are located within MSD’s service territory.

EnviroScape Presentation - Learn how everyone plays a role in keeping water clean. See how pollution enters our streams and rivers and what you can do in your own neighborhood to help using the popular EnviroScape® Watershed model. Teachers can borrow the model for demonstrations or EarthWays can provide a virtual demonstration.

Storm Drain Marking - We provide all the tools and equipment your group needs to help put knowledge into action. MSD's Storm Drain Marker Program provides a visible reminder of the consequences of improper waste disposal, and helps communicate to the community that storm drains can carry pollution to area rivers and streams. Great for school projects, scouts, and community groups!

Contact Maggie at mmccoy@mobot.org or (314) 577-0281 to schedule your program today!

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