What A Home Energy Score Measures and Why You Should Care

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October was “Energy Action Month” and we want to make sure you kicked it off with a good start in your own home. First of all, get your furnace ready for winter with these tips. Then, consider a Home Energy Assessment with a Home Energy Score.

Home Energy Score is like an MPG (miles per gallon) rating for your car, but on your home. The more energy efficient you make it, the better the rating. The score demonstrates to prospective homebuyers that you have made the kind of investments they are looking for and appreciate when it becomes time for you to sell.

In the meantime you will enjoy the lower energy bills and increased comfort that goes along with completed energy efficiency projects. This work can also improve the indoor environmental quality at home – just another potential benefit of integrated, whole-home thinking! 

What does a Home Energy Score Measure?

And finally check out the information about What Does My Score Mean? Now you are all set to make the right choices towards a more energy efficient home for years to come with a Home Energy Score! 

For additional questions please contact Richard Reilly, EarthWays Center Energy Programs Manager at richard.reilly@mobot.org or 314-577-0228. 

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