Photography and Sustainability at Home

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Two important parts of sustainability are energy efficiency and durability. Energy efficiency is a well-known concept that includes upgrades to equipment, insulation, and other products that save energy. The surest path to an energy efficient home is through an Home Energy Assessment. In such assessments infrared photography is often used to understand areas in need of attention.


In this image a vaulted ceiling is captured. The IR Camera measures surface temperature and the difference in surface temps on this ceiling suggest an area in need of attention.

Durability is an easy enough word to understand: something that will stand the test to time and not wear out too fast. In the sustainability realm this has to do with the materials choices AND the way they are combined with other materials and systems in the house. For example, long lasting materials, such as roofing, will protect your investments in energy efficiency under it.

Not all of us can or want to climb on a roof to inspect conditions. This is when photography is a reasonable substitute. If you have a camera with a zoom lens it is possible to take high resolution photos from the ground and examine them on the computer screen. If this is done shortly after roofing work is done, these photos can be saved and used as a reference with photos taken later.roofpicresize

The goal of having images of important durability details of your home’s exterior is to beat trouble with preventive maintenance instead of expensive replacements and repairs. Best practices include a maintenance schedule, record keeping and photos of your home. This can help minimize maintenance costs and also come in handy should any home owner’s insurance issues arise from storms or fire.

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