Intern Spotlight - Catching up with Former Interns in St. Louis and Detroit!

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Lucas Signorelli - Sunflower+ Project:StL Intern

When did you intern at EarthWays?
Summer 2014 with the Sunflower+ Project STL (assisting Richard Reilly).

Where Am I Now? 
I am currrently working as the Executive Director for the St. Louis MetroMarket. The MetroMarket is an old city bus turned nonprofit, mobile grocery, that is used to sell fresh and affordable produce in the St. Louis region as a strategy for combating the phenomenon of food deserts. 

The MetroMarket is an amazing and rewarding project, and I feel truly honored to be involved with the initiative, especially at this time in our city's history. If you're interested in learning more, please check out our video here, and visit our website at www.stlmetromarket.com. And feel free to come shop with us.

What Did I Learn From My Internship? 
My Earthways Center Internship was beneficial in so many ways. At the time, I was transitioning from the financial services industry, and was interested in moving into the sustainability field. The Earthways Center Internship was very first position in the field, and helped me establish credibility, and a professional network, within sustainability circles in St. Louis. Further, the Sunflower Project gave me my first glimpse into community engagement, and was my first project in the North St. Louis area. Both of these components of my internship would provide important experience for my future work at the St. Louis MetroMarket.

EWC: We would like to thank Lucas for this update. To learn more about the Sunflower+ Project:StL click here.


Katherine Brown - 2013 Sunflower+ Project Intern

When did you intern at EarthWays?
Summer 2013 with the Sunflower+ Project STL. I assisted Richard Reilly with hosting volunteer planting and weeding events at the Sunflower+ Project in Old North, and recorded inventory for home energy savings programs. Following my internship, I had the pleasure of processing applications for the *RainScape Rebates Program.

Where Am I Now?
I am currently the Community Outreach Coordinator at the Detroit Historical Society. I help develop and host a variety of programming for the Detroit 67: Looking Back to Move Forward community engagement initiative which reflects on the tumultuous summer of 1967 Detroit. It’s a sensitive topic for many Detroiters, but many have found a new sense of understanding and healing because of the community-centered, collaborative nature of how we are reflecting on this history.

What did I learn from my internship?
My internship at EarthWays was instrumental in my sense of community being new to the STL, and was in full alignment with my undergraduate environmental science degree. I was impressed with the staff and the quality of work the EarthWays Center contributes to the region, and I’m forever grateful I had the opportunity to learn from this group of professionals. Because of the hands-on experience I gained at EarthWays, I went on to complete my Masters in Public Service because I wanted to continue learning how to build cross-sector relationships that have direct benefits (financial, health, etc.) in my community. Through a variety of community partnerships and intentional relationship building, the EarthWays Center demonstrates how to live sustainably in conscientious, affordable, and practical ways.

EWC: We would like to thank Katherine for this update. *Note: After interning with us Katherine advanced to working in an hourly paid position at the EarthWays Center as our Rainscaping Coordinator. We were thrilled to have Katherine on our team!

We wish both Lucas and Katherine the best in all of their future endeavors. To learn about available internships at EarthWays Center and the Missouri Botanical Garden in general click here

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