Sustainability Institute for Educators Set for June 2021

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The Sustainability Institute for Educators challenges educators to learn how to engage students in building awareness, recognizing responsibility, and taking action as global citizens working to build a sustainable world. Held annually in June, the Institute is designed for K-12 educators from all roles and environments.

In 2021, the Sustainability Institute for Educators will be held virtually using a 'hybrid unconference' format – blending traditional conference presentations and unconference style sessions for educators to work together on their journey to sustainable learning.

The theme for the 2021 Institute will be One Health, an approach that recognizes that the health of people is intricately connected to the health of animals and our shared environment. This theme will allow educators to explore the interconnectedness of people, animals, and plants in our shared environment.


Recent events have illuminated the need to find solutions to the public health, environmental, and conservation challenges of the 21st century. The One Health Framework takes a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to finding these solutions. One Health is not new, but it has become more important in recent years as many factors increasingly change interactions between people, animals, plants, and our environment. Sessions will facilitate ways to incorporate this awareness in all levels of education and instruction.

While the topic is broad and complicated, sessions and keynote speakers will help educators of all grade levels and backgrounds explore this topic, think critically, and find resources to integrate sustainability into their classrooms.

The 2021 Sustainability Institute for Educators will be held on Monday, June 14 and Tuesday June 15, 2021. Sessions will run from 8:00 to noon each day. Registration fee is $25. Scholarships are available and the Institute committee strongly encourages any educator to contact them if cost is a barrier to participation. Learn more!


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