When planning a green event, set goals and action tasks that support vendors in making your event sustainable. 

Goal: Support Vendor Pre-event Efforts to Make Your Event Sustainable


Reduce Energy Use
Encourage vendors to develop displays that do not require booth electricity. 
Group vendors that must have electricity to minimize the use of electric generating sources. 
Provide a discount or free space to a vendor that will offer a biodiesel or solar generator to other vendors for use.
Reduce Waste         
Share sustainable giveaway guidelines with vendors and encourage their green choices.
Require vendors to use recycled content packaging, packaging that can be recycled by your local recycling services, or encourage vendors to use reduced packaging.   
If commercial composting is available, require vendors to purchase all compostable serving and sampling products.
Any printed materials should be printed 2-sided, on recycled content paper. Require electronic information transfer instead of handouts.  Develop a Green Vendor Pledge and promote vendors who have signed the Green Pledge with preferential placement of their booth, higher presentation listing, special notation/listing in program books, special sign at their booth, etc.

Goal: Support Onsite Vendor Waste Minimization Practices

Set up a designated recycling area. A dumpster in which vendors and event workers can place recyclable material is ideal. At some smaller events, recycling can be transported by workers to municipal recycling centers. For larger events, it makes sense to contract with a recycling company or waste hauler to provide the container and take the recycling. 
Designate an event worker (s) as a vendor liaison to support their waste minimization efforts.
Involve your local recycler an event sponsor in exchange for material pickup and/or use of collection bins.
Provide an event worker(s) to monitor recycling collection for misplaced items.

 Provide for reuse, recycling or composting of wood, metal or other special waste materials specific to your event.
If commercial composting is available, require vendors to use all compostable serving and sampling products. Have vendors monitor composting for misplaced items. 
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