Within the St. Louis region, the Missouri Botanical Garden is one of a kind in educating and demonstrating sustainable lifestyle choices—choices that minimize our current and future impact on plants, our local environment, and the world at large. Innovative educational programs, services and demonstrations are currently offered by the Garden's EarthWays Center, Kemper Center for Home Gardening, and the Garden's Education Division. Through engaging and empowering learning opportunities and resources for teachers and students as well as for lifelong learners, we promote sustainable human behaviors and choices related to the food we eat, the homes and buildings we construct and operate, the products we produce and consume and the transportation methods we employ.  

Sustainability Institute for Educators

June 25–27, 2024
8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

SIE logoThe Sustainability Institute for Educators is an event tailored for educators of all backgrounds. This year's focus is on the significance of biodiversity in education, daily life and our communities.

Biodiversity encompasses the variety within and between species, as well as diverse ecosystems. Understanding and appreciating biodiversity is crucial for supporting all life on Earth, including human communities. Lessons on biodiversity can foster a deep nature connection and appreciation for the myriad of plants, animals and fungi in our environment.

Through interactive sessions and local biodiversity expert presentations, educators will learn just how important biodiversity is and how to bring connections to biodiversity topics to their learning spaces.

Teachers exchanging ideasSessions will demonstrate how a range of disciplines can work together to understand and address biodiversity issues, opportunities and needs through education and youth engagement while highlighting local examples of biodiversity work. Discover how solutions-orientated actions, projects and lessons can help build resilience and protect the future of biodiversity on this planet.

Learning locations will include Missouri Botanical Garden, Saint Louis Zoo, and Webster University. The $125 registration fee includes participation in the three-day Institute and lunch. Graduate credit is available through Webster University for an additional cost. Scholarships are available.

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