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Family enjoying energy-efficient homeHome Performance with ENERGY STAR offers a comprehensive approach to home improvement that provides comfort and both energy and cost savings for Missouri homeowners.

  • Does your home have drafty windows and doors?
  • Does your home have rooms that are too hot or too cold?
  • Do you have high energy bills?

These are common issues faced by many homeowners in Missouri. Installing replacement windows, a new heating or air conditioning system, or adding more insulation may only fix part of the problem. But if you want an energy-efficient home, greater comfort, and lower utility bills, the way to address these problems is through a “whole-house approach.”

Why use a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR assessment?
A Building Performance Institute-certified professional in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program takes what's called a “systems-approach” to analyzing a home’s problems. Using diagnostic testing, the expert gives the homeowner unbiased recommendations for improving a home’s energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

The four biggest advantages to a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Assessment are whole-house solutions, use of diagnostic testing, unbiased priorities for improvement and third-party verification.

Whole-House Solutions—Make Your House More Energy Efficient
When a house is uncomfortable or the energy bills are high, many factors can be involved. While the duct system may be leaky or poorly designed, fixing it may not solve other problems caused by gaps in the insulation or faulty combustion appliances.

Contractors offering Home Performance with ENERGY STAR take all the factors into account when making their recommendations to the homeowner. Addressing the entire house rather than just one small piece when trying to solve the problems of high energy bills, comfort or indoor air quality issues results in a solution that gets to the root of the problem and makes the house more energy efficient, more comfortable, and healthier to live in.

Assess Home Improvements with Diagnostic Testing
Each Home Performance with ENERGY STAR assessment includes diagnostic tests of your house. A blower door test determines air leakage and assists in finding the largest air paths, which are one of the largest energy losses in homes. A test on the duct system determines how effectively the heating and cooling system is delivering air to the house versus how much is lost to, or gained from, unconditioned spaces like the crawlspace or attic. After work is completed, the contractor verifies the improvement made by conducting another test for comparison.

Ensure Quality with Third-party Verification
Missouri Home Performance provides quality control on the work of all participating contractors on their Home Performance with ENERGY STAR projects, through spot-checking of contractors’ assessments and completed home improvements to ensure they are following program protocols.

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EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden is pleased to bring Home Performance with ENERGY STAR to the St. Louis bi-state area. This program is presented in partnership with:

Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Energy
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency