Green Business Case Study: Architectural Design Guild
Architectural Design Guild

Architect Barry Greenberg has been investing since 1980 in the energy efficiency of his early 1900s office buildings. Applying Green knowledge before the now-thriving Green Building industry evolved, this firm offers clients a deep-Green base of project experience, demonstrated in their working space. ADG anticipates 40–50 percent energy savings from most recent lighting and HVAC efficiency upgrades.

Green Measures at Work in this Business:

  • In a second-generation lighting efficiency upgrade, LED bulbs are replacing tubular and compact fluorescent and any remaining incandescent bulbs.
  • New super-efficient AC units were recently installed in computer and conference areas; replacement was cost-effectively timed for the end of existing equipment life cycles.
  • Separately controlled heating and cooling zones efficiently maintain comfort in ADG’s own office, and in tenant offices located in an adjacent building owned by ADG.
    • Tenants pay their own utility bills, so they can benefit from efficiency measures too.
  • Dual-flush toilets and water-efficient plumbing fixtures cut water utility costs.
  • The building’s flat roof is surfaced with a white membrane material, to reflect heat and cut cooling power use and costs.
    • Current electric bill savings of $366 a year are attributed to this roof.
    • More importantly, indoor comfort can be maintained more efficiently.
  • Sustainable cork flooring, installed during a remodeling cycle, reduces nose, improves walking and thermal comfort in working areas—and looks great!
    • Cork, a rapidly-renewable Green material, is cut from trees in a harvesting process that enhances tree health, rather than cutting trees to obtain flooring material.
  • Old ceiling tiles were recycled during remodeling; wood and metal studs were reused.

This Business Has More Green Plans:

  • Sharing energy efficiency and other Green expertise with clients and neighboring businesses!
  • Improving building performance and comfort with every project, for ADG and its tenants.

Green Ideas Your Business Can Use:

  • Make it both policy and practice to upgrade equipment and fixtures to ENERGY STAR and WATER SENSE standards, whenever replacements are due. Start with these standards and buy the most efficiency your business budget will support—you’ll reap utility bill savings long after payback!
  • Check out LED lamps for any lighting replacements—pricing is becoming competitive with CFLs.
    • Consult with local lighting specialty businesses like Lighting Services and Metro and Villa Lighting—they can show you the latest developments in this rapidly evolving, super-efficient lighting technology.
  • Negotiate leases to give tenants responsibility for utility bills—and offer tenants the wide range of savings possible through energy efficiency installations and everyday practices.
  • Use a simple tool like ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to evaluate energy use and track savings in your business—and use this data to promote your Green Savvy to your customers!
Architectural Design Guild is a member of the Maplewood Chamber of Commerce.
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