Butterfly Article

Parthenos sylvia


Scientific Name: Parthenos sylvia
Common Name: The Clipper
Native Location: Philippine islands
Host Plant: Modecca
Description: We receive this butterfly from two of our sources, the Philippines and Malaysia. The butterfly looks quite different depending on from where it is. The butterflies that we get from the Philippines are brown and cream in coloration. In comparison, the butterflies that we get from Malaysia are a bright blue or green color. They are still considered the same species, though the species from Malaysia is called a subspecies: Parthenos sylvia lilacinus. The larvae of this butterfly feed on two different plants in the family Passifloraceae, Modecca sp. and Adenia palmata. We receive these butterflies on a weekly basis, so there is always an opportunity to see them. They love to visit flowers and will sit quietly for photos.

<i>Parthenos sylvia</i>