Butterfly Article

Kallima paralekta


Scientific Name: Kallima paralekta
Common Name: Malaysian Dead Leaf
Native Location: Southeast Asia
Host Plant: Acanthaceae
Description: No insect wants to be eaten and many have devised elaborate defenses in their attempts to avoid becoming lunch. Camouflage is one of the more common of the insect defenses, which makes sense, if they can't find you ... they can't eat you. The Dead Leaf butterfly is one of the best at this sort of defense. The underside of this butterfly resembles nothing more than a dead leaf, right down to the midrib of the leaf. The upper surface is brightly colored and the butterflies use this flashy display to recognize each other in the dim or dappled light of the forest floor. They are perching butterflies, usually seen resting on the ends of leaves looking for others of the same species. They will often use the same perch, flying off and then returning to the same spot to continue waiting. Kallima butterflies do not use flowers as many other butterflies do, you may see them in the fruit trays drinking the juice of the rotting fruit.

<i>Kalima parralekta</i>  <i>Kallima paralekta</i>