Horticulture Internship Program

2007 internsThe mission of the Missouri Botanical Garden Horticulture internship program is to provide an environment in which students of Horticulture and other related fields may interact with professional horticulturists. This interaction is a means by which students may learn practical horticulture from accomplished individuals. Aside from learning through observation and instruction, interns are expected to ask questions and utilize available resources so that they may improve themselves. This internship is an extension of the classroom into the practical application of what is learned. 

Every summer our interns leave something of themselves with us when they go back to school. We know they take a part of us with them too. We are enriched by the Horticulture Summer Internship Program and are proud to say many former interns keep in touch with us years after their internships are over. And, as you will learn in these pages, some of our interns ultimately join our staff.


Teresa and Dustin tree climbingThe program is twelve full consecutive weeks during summer, ~ mid-May through mid-August. While many colleges and universities offer formal classes in horticulture and landscape architecture, students often don't have the time or facilities to gain practical experience in their chosen field. We're committed to offering educational and practical work experience to horticulture interns. 

While we do not have formal courses, there are educational opportunities in Adult Education classes and talks given by specialists in the Horticulture division. Of course, the real learning comes from interacting with our staff of professional horticulturists.

Interns are considered paid employees and work 40 hours per week. Garden policies apply to interns as they do to other Garden employees. All Horticulture interns must possess and maintain a valid driver's license. Our interns get hands-on experience as they rotate through production greenhouses, outdoor display gardens, Japanese Garden, English Woodland Garden, Center for Home Gardening, and conservatories including the Temperate House and the Climatron, a geodesic domed greenhouse housing tropical plant species.

MBG interns have an opportunity to develop the practical horticultural skills so important to potential employers offering responsible positions. Our interns make many professional contacts as they learn about the value of a positive work ethic. Each intern completes an assigned project while they are here, one of benefit to MBG and usually related to the intern's special area of interest.

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Summer Internship

Due to budget cuts, there will not be a Horticulture Internship the summer of 2014.

Please check back at the end of 2014 to check on 2015 summer internship.