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borerThese guides offer you a useful visual tool to help identify plant problems, learn some gardening techniques and practices, assist you in plant selection, and just allow you to have some fun. Click on one of the links below to start exploring. Links will be added as the guides become available.

If you still have questions or need assistance in diagnosing your problem, you may visit, call or email us.

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Missouri Native Plants

Native Alternatives for:
Bradford Pear Bush Honeysuckle Japanese Honeysuckle Wintercreeper Euonymus Native Ashes
Native Plants
Native Trees for Missouri Natural Natives Native Missouri Milkweeds for Monarchs Native Plants to Attract Butterflies Native Plants to Attract Bees and Native Pollinators
Native Plants to Attract Birds

10 Ways to Add Biodiversity to Your Garden

Problem Diagnosis 

Trees, Shrubs and Vines
Eastern White Pine Top 10 Diseases and Environmental Problems or Trees Top 10 Insect Problems of Trees Top 10 Problems of Needled Evergreens Oak Problems
Yew Problems Flowering Dogwood Problems Rose Problems Spruce Problems
Vegetables and Herbs
Tomato Fruit Problems Tomato Foliage Problems Top 10 Problems of Tomatoes Herb Problems - Outdoors Hand Pollination of Squash and Pumpkins
Flowers and Grasses
Hosta Problems Peony Problems

Cool-season Grasses Zoysia Grass

General Problems
Top 10 Gardening Boo-boos Insect Identification

Landscaping Mistakes It's OK to Kill These Plants

Indoor Plants
Herb Problems - Indoors

Gardening How to's

Outdoor Gardening
A Personal View on Sustainable Gardening Digging and Storing Cannas Hand Pollination of Squash and Pumpkins

Repotting Moth (Phalaenopsis) Orchids Repotting Cattleya Orchids

Indoor Gardening
Air-layering a Monocot Plant Air-layering a Dicot Plant Dwarfing a Weeping Fig Tree Make a Sustainable Grocery Tote Propagating Plants by Cuttings
Renovating an Indoor House Plant Simple-layering - Plant 1 Simple-layering - Plant 2 Starting Plants From Seed Indoors How to Make a Living Succulent Wreath
Plants From Kitchen Scraps Rooting Cuttings in Water

 Plant Selection

Trees, Shrubs and Vines
Best Conifers (Evegreens) for St. Louis Best Shrubs Broadleaf Evergreens for St. Louis Larger Trees and Shrubs Native Trees for Missouri Landscapes
Shrubs for Oklahoma Gardens Top 10 Hydrangeas for St, Louis Trees for Oklahoma Gardens Two Great Families Shrubs and Grasses for Long-season Interest
Flowers and Grasses
10 Top Tropicals for Gardens and Containers Best Bulbs Best Ornamental Grasses and Vines Best Perennials and Ornamental Grasses Low Maintenance Perennials
Natural Natives Perennials for Season-long Bloom Selected Perennials for Oklahoma Ten Best Annuals for Sun Long-blooming Perennials
Top 10 Vegetables for St. Louis Top 10 Vegetables for Containers

Indoor Plants
Top 10 Houseplants Top 10 Orchids for the Home

Problem Locations
10 Best Plants for Dry Shade Ten Best Annuals for Shade Top 10 Plants for Streetside Planting Top 10 Trees to Plant Under Power Lines Privacy Screens for Narrow Spaces
It's OK to Kill These Plants!

ProblemSolver Plants 

Plants for Shade

For Dry Shade For Heavy Shade

Plants for Erosion Control
Grasses Herbaceous Plants Trees & Shrubs

Plants for Dry Sun
Annuals, Bulbs, Evergreens and Grasses Perennials Trees & Shrubs Shallow, Rocky Soil
Plants for Clay Soil
Annuals & Bulbs Perennials Shrubs Trees Evergreens, Grasses & Vines

Fun & Beauty

24 Beauties in Our Aroid Collection Plants in Combination The Beauty and Value of Fallen Leaves Gourdaments