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Heat and Drought  Can Combine to Create Crisis in the Landscape!
As summer temperatures climb to the mid- to high 90s and rain fails to fall we may begin to see the effects of drought and water stress on many plants. A quick assessment of your landscape may show the effects of leaf scorch, sunburn, and heat stress on a number of plants including dogwood, hydrangea and some tomato fruit that was not protected by foliage. With our cooler, wet spring some plants may also not yet be aclimated to the heat and show sign of stress. So start your scouting now. ...
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Repairing Damaged Arborvitae

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Repairing Damaged Arborvitae
It’s hard to believe that just 8 days ago we had over a foot of snow on the ground and we saw many plants damaged from heavy snow. The photo of arborvitae last week showed how these evergreens are very susceptible to snow buildup. In the case of arborvitae, however, they are supple and will bend quite a bit but still we had a few plants that had some snapped branches. Even with gentle snow removal and quick thawing, though, many plants failed to straighten up so we had to give them some ge...
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