Therapeutic Horticulture
The Missouri Botanical Garden’s Therapeutic Horticulture Programs are designed to provide creative and stimulating activities to further enrich the physical, mental and social lives of the participants. The mission is to enrich the lives of senior citizens and special needs populations, particularly those with limited resources and limited abilities, by sharing knowledge about and interacting with the diversity of life in our natural world.

Therapeutic Horticulture is a process in which plants and gardening activities are used to improve the body, mind and spirit, through passive or active involvement. Therapeutic Horticulture is effective and beneficial for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. For more information about horticulture as therapy, visit the American Horticultural Therapy Association online.


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Therapeutic Horticultural Programs at the Garden are made possible
through contributions by:

Friends and family of Dr. Samuel D. Soule
Edward Chase Garvey Memorial Foundation
David R. and Mary L. Tognoni Program Fund