Models & Display Materials

Models and display materials must be reserved in advance, and circulate on two-week loan.

A $5 non-refundable circulation fee is required to borrow a model. To reserve a model or display materials, please call (314) 577-9501.

Angiosperm Flower Model Angiosperm Flower Model

Demonstrate flower structure and pollination using this colorful SOMSO 10X model. Plastic model is dissectible into eleven parts; sectioning is both longitudinal and medial. Anther is partially dissected showing pollen, and ovary opens to see ovules. Model is 21″ high and mounted on display base with an attached coded key.

Seed Germination Model Seed Germination Model

Monocot and dicot plant germination sequence is shown on this 3D model which measures 24″ × 18″.

Root, Stem and Leaf ModelRoot, Stem & Leaf Model

3D model, measuring 18″ × 24″, shows all the structures within a seed-bearing woody plant. It promotes understanding of plant anatomy using cross, transverse and longitudinal sections. Root is shown penetrating soil, and stem is partially dissected. Sectioned leaf reveals epidermis, palisades, and spongy layer. Includes lesson plans.

Earth History ModelEarth History Model

This colorful 3D model correlates rock layers to geologic time periods. Featuring twenty replica fossils which students match to appropriate strata, this 23.5″ × 24.5″ model also illustrates the aquatic and terrestrial life living in the Pre-Cambrian era through the Cenozoic. Teacher’s guide with activities are included.

Rock Cycle Set

An introductory study of the interaction of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. Natural specimens representing rock groups and sediments are included.

Soil Community DisplaySoil Community

Bring the soil ecosystem into your classroom with this 11.5″ × 15.5″ hand-prepared display case. Excellent for demonstrating how plants and animals (twenty-two specimens) aerate and return nutrients to the soil.