ECO-ACT Recruitment

ECO-ACTors waiting to climbStudents are recruited to the program through their school, which elects to participate in the program based on the availability of a cooperating teacher and a time slot in the class schedule for the ECO-ACT program. Students receive course credit for participation in the program. ECO-ACT staff present the program highlights to students in January and February, and interested students apply. The application process includes two forms of reference as well as an interview with the program staff. Through participation, these students gain:

  1. knowledge and understanding of environmental and human ecology issues;
  2. training and experience as teachers;
  3. leadership skill development;
  4. increased awareness of their local community;
  5. outdoor experience and skills; and
  6. increased self-awareness and confidence.
For more information on providing the ECO-ACT Environmental Leadership Program to your students, please contact ECO-ACT.
ECO-ACT participants at the Garden
The Saigh Foundation ECO-ACT Environmental Leadership Program
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