As one of the top botanical research and conservation institutions in the world, the Missouri Botanical Garden offers a wide variety of resources to the general public and the scientific community. We invite you to explore these and learn more about the research work we do.


The Garden’s Herbarium is one of the world’s outstanding research resources for specimens and information on bryophytes and vascular plants. Learn more

MBG Press

MBG Press plays a key role in sharing plant knowledge and is an outlet for the dissemination of botanical research through journals, floras and books.Learn more



The Peter H. Raven Library, one of the world's finest botanical libraries, is open to staff, students, visiting scientists, horticulturists, landscape designers, historians and Garden members.Learn more

Conferences and Seminars

Find out more about the different conferences and seminars happening in the United States and around the world, and learn more about the Garden's Annual Systematics Symposium.Learn more


Visitor's Guide

The Garden welcomes visiting researchers throughout the year, and these resources can help them prepare before and during their stay. Learn more


Join the Garden's research team and have the opportunity to live up to the Garden's mission to discover and share plant knowledge.
Learn more


Research Links

The Garden's research team has compiled an extensive list of links organized alphabetically and by topic. Learn more


Browse the Garden's list of research databases for information about floras, botanical terms and more.Learn more