Annual Fall Symposium

64th Annual Fall Symposium

Next Generation Biology: from Species to Ecosystems

Missouri Botanical Garden

St. Louis, Missouri

October 13-14, 2017

Organizing committee: Monica Carlsen, Christy Edwards,
Peter Hoch, Iván Jiménez, and James Miller



Sally Aitken, Ph.D.

Sally Aitken, Ph.D.
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Integrating genomic and climate data to understand local adaptation of trees in a changing world

Naia Morueta-Holme, Ph.D.

Naia Morueta-Holmes, Ph.D. University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Geography of plants in the New World - from Humboldt to the Age of Big Data

Dan Chitwood, Ph.D.

Dan Chitwood, Ph.D.
Independent Researcher,
Santa Rosa, CA
Persistent homology and organismal theory: quantifying the branching topologies of plants

Jonathan Myers, Ph.D.

Jonathan Myers,

Washington University,
St. Louis, MO
Biotic interactions and biodiversity-environment relationships from local to global scales

Casey Dunn, Ph.D.

Casey Dunn, Ph.D.
Yale University New Haven, CT
Phylogenetic approaches to understanding the evolution of genome function

Susannah Tringe, Ph.D.

Susannah Tringe, Ph.D.
DOE Joint Genome Institute, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Berkeley, CA
Sequence-based approaches to plant microbiomes

Deren Eaton, Ph.D.

Deren Eaton, Ph.D.
Columbia University, New York, NY
Reticulate and replicated evolution of leaf form in Neotropical Viburnum

Norm Wickett, Ph.D

Norm Wickett, Ph.D
Chicago Botanic Garden,
Chicago, IL
Exploring bryophyte relationships in the age of high-throughput phylogenetics

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