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Curious about a plant or animal you found in your yard? Spot something neat along our trails but don't know what it is? Wondering who left that footprint? Looking for a particular bird or animal and want to know more? Found a flower or berry and want to know if it’s edible?

Visitors to the Nature Reserve frequently pose questions such as these for our naturalists to answer. View some of the most popular inquiries and our responses below.

Popular Questions and Answers

Why do you have bamboo at the Shaw Nature Reserve?

The bamboo growing next to Pinetum Lake is an Asian species, Golden bamboo, but it is safely contained there, and certainly provides a fun spot for kids (and adults) to play, and provides food and shelter for birds. Fun facts! 1) Bamboo is in the grass family. 2) There is a native type of bamboo in Missouri, called “giant cane” Giant cane may be seen in the Whitmire wildflower Garden near the Bascom House, and in the woods along the lower ends of both the Barn and Quarry Roads.

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