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Curious about a plant or animal you found in your yard? Spot something neat along our trails but don't know what it is? Wondering who left that footprint? Looking for a particular bird or animal and want to know more? Found a flower or berry and want to know if it’s edible?

Visitors to the Nature Reserve frequently pose questions such as these for our naturalists to answer. View some of the most popular inquiries and our responses below.

Popular Questions and Answers

I spotted a mushroom and wondered if I can take it home?

Several mushrooms grow at the Nature Reserve: Morel, Cinnabar Chanterelle, Turkey Tail, and Ear Wood to name a few. Most of our mushrooms are poisonous, or at least not very tasty. A few kinds are edible, but we do not permit harvesting or collecting of any kind on the Reserve. We welcome you to hike on the trails and observe the diverse plant life at the Reserve but please, no collecting. Take a camera on your hike so you can take a picture to keep instead!

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