Garden for the World:
Growing with Your Support
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To date, the Garden for the World campaign has surpassed the campaign's original $100 million goal. Thanks to this generous support, the Garden has been able to restore several historic buildings and gardens and invest millions in plant conservation and scientific research projects. 

With your campaign donation, the Garden can continue to grow

Campaign Accomplishments

Herring House Renovation
Completed April 2017

The newly renovated the gatehouse cottage and its surrounding gardens has been renamed Herring House. It will host private events, small gatherings for members and donors, and visiting guests.
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Edward Jones Hall
Completed March 2016

The expansion of the Brookings Exploration Center in Edward Jones Hall creates a dynamic new discovery space and greenhouse where families can explore, play, relax and learn about the importance of biodiversity and conservation of our natural resources. 
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Japanese Garden Renovations
Phase 1 completed Spring 2014

As part of the Garden's commitment to celebrate and protect its history, the Japanese Garden underwent the first of several repair and maintenance phases over the winter of 2014 to restore bridges and water systems. 

Linnean House Restoration 
Completed Spring 2011

The oldest continually operating greenhouse west of the Mississippi, the Linnean House has been restored to showcase rare and endangered plants, including the rare blooming of several Titan arum plants from the Garden's aroid collection. 

Spink Pavilion Renovation
Completed Spring 2011

The original Garden entrance was renovated and transformed into a unique special-event venue with a spectacular view of the Garden's Central Axis and to serve families strolling the Garden on daytime visits.

Ridgway Visitor Center Parking Lots
Completed Fall 2011

Public parking at the Garden's main entrance has been renovated with user-friendly and sustainability-focused enhancements, including a rain garden, porous-paved sidewalks and electric vehicle charging stations. 

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Reopening Henry Shaw's Museum

Now Open!
For the first time in 35 years, Henry Shaw's original museum is now open to the public.

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Oertli Family Hardy Plant Nursery

Oertli Nursery
A new off-campus facility will enable the Garden to house and raise many new additions to the Garden's permanent living collections. 
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