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borerThese guides offer you a useful visual tool to help identify plant problems, learn some gardening techniques and practices, assist you in plant selection, and just allow you to have some fun. Click on one of the links below to start exploring. Links will be added as the guides become available.

If you still have questions or need assistance in diagnosing your problem, you may visit, call or email us. 

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Plant Selection - Missouri Natives

Native Alternatives for:

Native Plants

Native Plants for Attracting Pollinators

Plant Selection for the Midwest

Trees & Shrubs

Flowers, Grasses & Vines


Indoor Plants

Problem Locations


Dry Sun

Clay Soil

Erosion Control

Urban Areas

Problem Diagnosis

Trees, Shrubs & Vines

Flowers & Lawns

Vegetables & Herbs


Indoor Plants


Gardening How To's

Outdoor Gardening

Indoor Gardening

Orchid Care

Botanical Art

Botanical Art