Virtual Programming

Virtual programming is offered throughout the calendar year on Monday and Wednesday. To make our programming more accessible and inclusive in a dynamic and changing environment, the Missouri Botanical Garden is modifying existing programming to a virtual format. By providing options for programming, we hope that we will be able to meet a variety of community needs.

The following virtual education programs are available by request.

  • Autumn leavesSeasonal Snapshot (preK–1; 30 minutes): Students are introduced to a story of the changes plants go through during the changing seasons. Educators will receive PowerPoint slides designed to allow student/educator manipulation of the seasonal changes of a schoolyard landscape.
  • Heaps of Seeds (K–2; 30 minutes): Students are introduced to seed dispersal by looking at seed adaptations found at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Educators will receive materials for students to follow along with the lesson in their classroom and on their school grounds.
  • Botanical Engineering (3–5; 45 minutes): Students are introduced to how the Missouri Botanical Garden creates environments that mimic the natural environments of the plants being grown on the grounds. Instructors will discuss plant adaptations of plants found in the rainforest, desert, Asia, and temperate areas.

Virtual programming is offered throughout the calendar year. Please provide two weeks lead time to ensure materials arrive at school site. Registration opens July 2021 for the upcoming school year. Please call (314) 577-5185 or email for more information, to request virtual content, and/or to request a live instructor to accompany the program.

Fees for Virtual Programming

  • $100 for live virtual instruction
  • $75 for pre-recorded program with live follow-up access to instructor 
  • $50 for pre-recorded virtual programming with no instructor

Scholarships are available. Download a school scholarship form.