Butterfly House outreach programs are available year-round to school groups, libraries, summer camp programs and other groups. Standard programs run 45 minutes each and can accommodate up to 30 students. Flexible timing is available with advance notice.

Learn about fees and scheduling and additional outreach options including science nights, speakers for adult groups and teacher professional development.

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Outreach Programs

Story of a Butterfly
Grades PreK–K

Young children will learn about metamorphosis and the butterfly life cycle, the parts of a butterfly's body, and learn how its survival needs are similar to and different from those of plants and other animals.

Adventures in a Butterfly Garden
Grades K–3

Discover pollination as we explore and compare the life cycles of butterflies, honeybees, and plants. Students will learn that fruits and seeds can only come from plants that have been pollinated, and we will discuss different ways that insects, birds, and other animals spread pollen and disperse seeds.

Wings of Wonder
Grades K–5

Metamorphosis, anatomy, and butterfly behaviors are discussed with hands-on demonstrations. Preserved specimens of caterpillars, chrysalids, and butterfly wings are provided for students to examine.

Bug Lab 
Grades K–5

Learn the exciting and valuable jobs insects have while interacting with living animals. This program uses both mounted and living insects to give your students insights into the roles insects play in our world. This program features our largest variety of living animals, and each animal reveals the stories of how insects find food, escape danger, benefit other living things, and more!

Bugs Alive: Ecosystem Challenge
Grades 3–5

Through a series of live animal encounters, students will explore an animal’s place in an ecosystem by examining the adaptations, senses, and genetic variation of each. Students will be exposed to a variety of ecosystems and the challenges organisms face for survival in each. At the end of the lesson, students will be challenged to design an insect that has adaptations necessary for survival in an assigned ecosystem.


Science Nights

Additional outreach programs are available upon request. Options range from information and activity tables for science nights to custom classroom presentations covering specific topics that fit your curriculum. Pricing is $150 for 1 hour and $50 for each additional hour. Contact us at (314) 577-0888 x 2 or butterflyhouseeducation@mobot.org for information.

Family Science Nights

Let us bring the wonders of the Butterfly House to you. We will bring real specimens of butterfly wings, mounted insects and living insects. We are happy to modify the presentation to fit the theme of your evening.

STEAM Nights

Did you know that insects can provide great lessons for force and motion? They also make great models for lessons on light, sound and more! Amaze and delight your students through hands-on experiences with insects, as we provide information about the Butterfly House and its offerings.


Speakers for Adult Groups

Native Bees of Missouri
Learn about the hundreds of bee species that call Missouri home. You will learn identification tips and learn how you can conserve them around your home.

Beneficial Bugs in Your Garden
In this class, we will cover some of the most common beneficial insects found in gardens and talk about how they help us. We will also talk about easy ways to make your yard more welcoming to the beneficial bugs.

Growing a Pollinator Garden
This class covers nectar plants and butterfly host plants to give you many choices for pollinator-friendly plants to add to your garden. The class also covers native plants that support other pollinators besides butterflies.

Monarchs and Milkweed
This class discusses Monarch biology and migration as well as common species of milkweed you can grow at home. We will also cover other nectar plants to add to your Monarch garden to support the Monarchs year round.


Fees and Scheduling

Brownie views invertebrateFees
Standard programs are 45 minutes long. We are happy to work with you if you need a different program length. Each program costs $150 for the first program and $50 for each additional program scheduled for the same day.

A maximum of three 45 minute programs can be scheduled on each day. If more than one program is offered on the same day, a minimum 10-minute break is required between programs.

Outreach sites located more than 30 miles from the Butterfly House will be asked to pay an additional mileage fee. 

Student participation is limited to 30 per program. Teachers/staff are required to stay in the room during the presentation.

Prior to scheduling, please check your school calendar and be aware of special programs, testing days, holidays and fire/tornado drills that may conflict with scheduling an Outreach program.

Classes are offered Monday through Friday. Special arrangements may be made if other days are preferred.

Schedule an outreach program

After you make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation letter via email. Please read and return a copy to the Education Programs Manager with proper payment as noted on the confirmation letter no later than one week prior to the scheduled program date.

Professional Development Workshops

Professional development is available for preschool or elementary teachers. Various rates apply. Contact the Butterfly House at (314) 577-0888 x 2 or for more information email butterflyhouseeducation@mobot.org.


Project Pollinator


Project Pollinator offers outreach designed to help you create a pollinator garden in your schoolyard! Learn more

Butterfly School

ButterflyBe sure to check out the learning resources available on our Butterfly School website including additional instructional ideas, suggested reading and activities for all ages. Explore butterfly life cycle and behaviors while you learn more about butterflies, moths and other invertebrates.


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