Plant Systematics, Conservation Biology, and Ethnobotany

2014 Participants and Projects
From left: Robbie Wood, Joel Swift, Anni Poetzl, Rachel Becknell, Cassandra Kitchen, Megan Ruffley, Chelsea Pretz, Nicolas Correa, Joseph Bradley, Ben Durrington, Sofia Wolfson

Participants and Projects

Megan Ruffley, Miami University
Effects of sampling effort on estimates of the mean of range size distributions
Mentor: Iván Jimenez


Joel Swift, Central Missouri University
Population genetics in the endangered Polygala lewtonii reveals high self-fertilization rate and fine-scale structuring of genetic variation
Mentor: Christy Edwards
Abstract; Presentation

Benjamin Durrington, Hillsdale College
Reconstructing the evolutionary history of reproductive characters in Anthurium (Araceae)
Mentor: Monica Carlsen
Abstract; Presentation

Robbie Wood, Haskell Indian University
Describing new species of the genus Anthurium sect. polyneurim in the flora of Carchí Province, Ecuador
Mentor: Tom Croat
Abstract; Presentation

Nicolas Correa, University of Puerto Rico
Fruit types and geographical range size in the genus Burmeistera (Campanulaceae)
Mentor: Nathan Muchhala
Abstract; Presentation

Chelsea Pretz, Harris-Stowe State University
Preliminary investigation of edge effects on prairie species
Mentor: Danelle Haake
Abstract; Presentation

Anni Poetzl, Arizona State University
Study of morphological variation within Hypericum prolificum (Hypericaceae)
Mentor: George Yatskievych
Abstract; Presentation

Rachel Becknell, University of Missouri – St. Louis
Simulating natural light environments to examine ecological reference conditions and niche conservatism for the federally endangered Astragalus bibullatus
Mentor: Matthew Albrecht

Joseph Bradley, Harris-Stowe State University
Medicinal plants of Peru: Respiratory treatments
Mentor: Rainer Bussmann
Abstract; Presentation

Cassandra Kitchen, St. Louis University
Digital morphometric analysis of North American Vitis growing in a common garden
Mentor: Allison Miller
Abstract; Presentation