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Supporting Biodiversity Where We Live, Work and Play

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A Community Initiative to Promote, Protect and Plan for Biodiversity Throughout the Greater St. Louis Region

BiodiverseCity     St. Louis recognizes our region's reliance on biodiversity, the variety of life, and natural systems. We depend on biodiversity, not only for the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat, but also for the basic health, livability and economic prosperity of our region. 

Great Read

Black Faces, White Spaces: Reimagining the Relationship of African Americans to the Great Outdoors (2014)
by Carolyn Finney

In this thought-provoking book by University of California, Berkeley professor Carolyn Finney, the topic of who should and can have access to natural spaces is critically examined through the lens of environmental history, cultural and race studies, and geography. With an eye on the future, the author highlights the work of African Americans who are opening doors to greater participation in environmental and conservation concerns.
Let's Map It!

North Riverfront Trail

North Riverfront Trail on the Confluence Greenway
This 11-mile trail for biking, walking, and running follows the Mississippi River starting at Biddle Street and heading north, ending at the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, part of the legendary Route 66. The trail passes through the Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing in North Riverfront Park, the first nationally designated Underground Railroad site in Missouri. Learn more

May 9
12th Annual Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing Celebration
On Saturday, May 9th, this site will come to life with a free festival of music, food and drinks for purchase, historic reenactments, and fun for all ages. Along with Frederick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln, a team from BiodiverseCity St. Louis will engage attendees about urban green spaces and invite event-goers of all ages to personalize native wildflower seed packets for Mother’s Day.