Home Energy Score and how they can Make Your Home More Efficient!

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Home Energy Score (HES) offers insight and tips for homeowners, homebuyers, and real estate investors. What is a Home Energy Score? It goes with a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR project like peanut butter goes with jelly!

The Score is a brief asset survey of the parts of your home that most greatly affect energy use – insulation, HVAC equipment, water heaters, and windows. A home energy audit that includes HES provides a rating to which your home can be compared after energy efficiency (EE) improvements are made. The HES Certificate is a way to show prospective buyers the unseen value of a well-insulated home.

From the HES Website:

Lacking good information, many homeowners miss opportunities to reduce their home's energy use and associated costs. The U.S. Department of Energy's Home Energy Score is a credible, nationally recognized product to help you understand your home's energy performance and how to improve it cost-effectively. 

What is the Home Energy Score?

Like a miles-per-gallon rating for vehicles, the Home Energy Score allows homeowners to understand their home's energy efficiency compared to homes nationwide, regardless of location and occupancy. Each Home Energy Score Report provides a list of recommended energy improvements and their estimated cost savings to help take the guesswork out of determining smart and cost-effective investments.

To learn more about the Score, see our About The Score and Score's Methodology pages. 

The Home Energy Score Can Tell You:

  • Cost-effective recommendations to reduce the amount of energy your home wastes on inefficiencies
  • The amount of money you could save each year on energy costs by implementing recommended improvements
  • The percentage of carbon dioxide emissions that could be eliminated by implementing recommended improvements
  • Facts about your home's energy systems and estimated energy use
  • Your home's current Score based on its energy systems
  • Your home's Score if all recommended improvements were implemented

If you are buying or refinancing your home, the Home Energy Score can help you qualify for a larger mortgage or more financing options. If you complete improvements that increase your home's Score, the Home Energy Score can help express market value for those improvements at time of sale. 

So where does the EarthWays Center come in? We have developed a curriculum to help place dozens more HES Assessors in the field on each side of the river. Improving a home’s energy efficiency and having a way to share the results is a positive for all. Our contractor network has the background – now we need those of us having the energy efficiency improvements done on our own homes to ask for a score. My home has been scored – how about yours?

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