This Winter - Break the Ice, Not the Environment!

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Winter weather isn't over yet! Snow and ice can be dangerous if not properly removed from streets and surrounding sidewalks. Our friends from the Deer Creek Watershed Alliance have developed wonderful salt alternatives and additional de-icing tips that we should consider. Using these salt alternatives help keep children and pets safe during winter excursions, as well as aquatic and plant life within the environment. Click here to learn more.

Why are salt alternatives important? In the featured photo, sodium chloride levels are being measured in a tributary to Deer Creek. Despite its wide use, sodium chloride (found in more common de-icing salts) has proven to be unsafe in excess amounts to children and pets during winter outings, as well as harmful to aquatic and plant life, the environment, and infrastructure.

Thanks for sharing these important tips! Stay safe, and keep the environment in mind when battling the ice! 

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