Say No to Salt: Salt Alternatives and Other De-Icing Tips

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The winter weather is upon us, and so may be the need to de-ice roads and sidewalks to keep them safe. Consider using these salt alternatives and other de-icing tips from the Deer Creek Watershed Alliance this winter season to help keep children and pets safe too during winter outings, as well as aquatic and plant life and the environment.

In the photo below, chloride levels are being measured in a tributary to Deer Creek. Sections of Black Creek, Deer Creek, and the River des Peres in St. Louis City and County are currently listed on the Missouri 303(d) list of impaired waters for chloride which comes from chloride salts that are commonly used to melt snow and ice in the winter.

Seeking additional information?

Listen to a recent Earthworms podcast interview with Danelle Haake a biologist whose findings are informing local decisions, in the St. Louis region, with data on salt concentration in streams during icy-road treatment periods.

Want to learn more? Dive into Haake's 4-page article, to the public, summarizing her findings along with the full research study here


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