Missouri Botanical Garden is Founding Member of Midwest Climate Collaborative

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Missouri Botanical Garden is Founding Member of Midwest Climate Collaborative

The Midwest Climate Collaborative (MCC) launched in January 2022 with the mission of facilitating the development of a coherent Midwestern response to the climate crisis through acceleration of climate action, knowledge and leader development led by a cross-sector collaboration of key organizations throughout the Midwest. Missouri Botanical Garden is proud to be a founding member in this work. Staff members are taking leadership roles in the MCC’s Midwest Climate Research Agenda and Educator Community of Practice.

The Midwest Climate Research Agenda aims to understand climate questions, practices, and challenges that are specific to the Midwest. Staff from the Garden’s Horticulture, Sustainability, and Center for Conservation and Sustainable Development teams developed a list of climate related research questions for MCC. Members will hone the list of research questions and develop research projects to address these areas of inquiry.

The Educator Community of Practice is focusing on developing inclusive, interdisciplinary climate education and skill development to prepare the next generation of climate leaders. Staff from the Garden’s Sustainability team have been planning and participating in community meetings that help to bring together educators from K-12 schools, non-profits, and universities to share in best practices in climate change education.

Learn more about the work Garden scientists and horticulture staff have already been doing to study how climate change is affecting and could affect plant communities in the future!


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