The Missouri Botanical Garden works on six continents in 35 countries around the globe, one of the three largest plant science programs in the world. Increasingly, the information on plant diversity accumulated by Garden researchers is translated into usable knowledge for conservation planning and decision-making, globally and locally.


Highlight colors denote locations of botanical research and conservation programs led by Garden scientists.

In 2010, the Missouri Botanical Garden committed its support to the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation 2011–2020 update, developed by a unique partnership of international and national organizations. The Strategy’s vision is to halt the continuing loss of plant diversity and to secure a positive, sustainable future where human activities support the diversity of plant life and where in turn the diversity of plants support and improve our livelihoods and well-being.

The Strategy includes 16 outcome-oriented global targets set for 2020, and provides a framework to facilitate harmony between existing initiatives aimed at plant conservation, to identify gaps where new initiatives are required, and to promote mobilization of the necessary resources. The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation now guides and informs the goals and initiatives of the Missouri Botanical Garden's science and conservation efforts.

The William L. Brown Center (WLBC) is dedicated to the study of useful plants, understanding the relationships between humans, plants, and their environment, and the conservation of plant species and preservation of traditional knowledge for the benefit of future generations.

The Center for Conservation & Sustainable Development (CCSD) strives to safeguard the Earth's biodiversity through the collaborative development and wise application of scientific expertise and resources focusing in three primary areas: community science, capacity building and community-based conservation.

The Center for Plant Conservation (CPC) is dedicated solely to preventing the extinction of U.S. native plants and operates the only coordinated national program of off-site (ex situ) conservation of rare plant material.

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