Investigate Green Schools
What is a Green School?

Green apple sitting on stack of two books A "Green School" is a school building or facility that creates a healthy environment that is conducive to learning while saving energy, resources and money.

Investigate Green Schools is a program available to upper elementary, middle and high school teachers that will increase knowledge of what makes a school green, outline steps districts can take to green their buildings and show how schools can lead community-wide sustainability efforts.

During the Investigate Green Schools program, students and teachers participate in hands-on activities to study energy and energy consumption at their schools, along with other Green Building features. They assume the roles of energy auditors, building designers and  finally community advocates as they promote the benefits of going green to the public through school board meetings, class projects, public service announcements and more.
Components of the Program

  1. Interested educators take part in logistical meetings to review the program, associated activities and requirements.
  2. Over a semester, EarthWays educators present up to seven classroom lessons. Lessons include background on energy production and consumption, a student-friendly energy/environmental school audit and a student-generated analysis cost/benefit of green school improvements.
  3. As Green School Ambassadors, students develop recommendations and presentations for school building improvements to school/district stakeholders, classmates and the community to suggest potential changes that will reduce the school's environmental impact.
For further information on scheduling and fees for the Investigate Green Schools program, please contact Katherine Golden at  
Did You Know?

Nearly 20 percent of all Americans go to school each day. Approximately one-quarter of the schools in the United States are badly in need of upgrades to improve the overall performance of the building and ensure the well-being of the building’s occupants. Such upgrades assist the schools in becoming GREEN learning environments. Not only do these green facilities reduce environmental impact by saving energy and resources, they save money for school districts that can be reallocated to support educational programs.