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Feast on Holiday Fun at the 2013 Gardenland Express Show

Feast on Holiday Fun at the 2013 Gardenland Express Show

The Garden's annual holiday flower and train show celebrates "Gathering for the Feast."
What St. Louis Eats: Sam's Herb Garden

What St. Louis Eats: Sam's Herb Garden

One young Garden visitor has turned his interest in herbs into a tasty hobby.
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Take the Family Food Challenge!

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What St. Louis Eats: Sam's Herb Garden

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What St. Louis Eats: Sam's Herb Garden
During our Foodology celebration, we’ve invited you to tell us what role plants play in your lives and how your meals get from garden to table. In our What St. Louis Eats series, we’re sharing some of our favorite food stories from throughout the year.

Our Herbs and Heirlooms Tuesday sessions were among the most popular events during our yearlong focus on food, with many visitors returning to the Garden each week to receive a free herb plant and get plant care tips and culinary insight from members of the St. Louis Herb Society. One such visitor who has taken his knowledge out of the Garden and into his kitchen is a young man named Sam.

Sam and his herb gardenSam’s interest in gardening started with afternoons spent assisting his grandfather, gathering, cleaning and cutting ripe tomatoes and rhubarb. Before long Sam had a garden of his own, in which he and his mother Rita planted chive and rhubarb plants he’d received from his grandfather. Noting the care with which Sam tended his garden, neighbors began to contribute other plants, including elephant ears, banana and cotton plants and even a lemon tree.

Inspired by this success, Sam expanded his efforts one spring by building his own herb garden next to his home and harvesting oregano, dill, parsley, lavender and peppermint for family meals – from dill-seasoned hamburgers to homemade lemonade with lavender.

Sam joined us for every Herbs and Heirlooms Tuesday throughout the summer, collecting new herbs for his garden and trying out the St. Louis Herb Society’s recipes at home. When his sister, Annie, left for college recently, Sam sent her off with four small jars of peppermint, basil, oregano and lavender grown in his herb garden.

We’re glad that the Garden could play a part in Sam’s budding herb hobby. Keep growing, Sam!
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