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Feast on Holiday Fun at the 2013 Gardenland Express Show

Feast on Holiday Fun at the 2013 Gardenland Express Show

The Garden's annual holiday flower and train show celebrates "Gathering for the Feast."
What St. Louis Eats: Sam's Herb Garden

What St. Louis Eats: Sam's Herb Garden

One young Garden visitor has turned his interest in herbs into a tasty hobby.
Take the Family Food Challenge!

Take the Family Food Challenge!

Learn more about the foods you eat, from the ways they are grown to the ways they are prepared and enjoyed.

Summer Harvest at the Kemper Center

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Summer Harvest at the Kemper Center

Elizabeth Spiegel, horticulturist at the William T. Kemper Center for Home Gardening, recently conducted a wide-scale harvest of the center's vegetable garden, with some colorful results.

Vegetables produced in the Kemper Center vegetable garden typically distributed at the Backyard Kitchen Wednesday tasting events. Additional produce is donated to a food bank in the LaSalle neighborhood, where it is used to teach children how to prepare healthy, fresh meals. Any remaining vegetables are offered to Garden staff and volunteers.

The Kemper Center can also be a helpful resource for starting or expanding your own vegetable garden. Visit the center's new Vegetable Gardening guide for expert tips on how to grow vegetables in containers, frequently asked questions on vegetable gardening, and specific information on growing a wide selection of common and uncommon vegetables.

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