Since 1971, residents of St. Louis City and County have generously supported the The Metropolitan Zoological Park and Museum District (ZMD).

The ZMD is a property tax-supported district governed by an eight member Board of Directors, each appointed for a four-year term by the Mayor of the City of St. Louis and by the St. Louis County Executive.

The ZMD distributes funds through five cultural subdistricts, one of which includes the Missouri Botanical Garden. These contributions support the Garden's botanical facilities and educational services.  Other organizations supported by the ZMD are:
Saint Louis Art Museum
Missouri History Museum
Saint Louis Science Center
Saint Louis Zoo

As a thank you for their continued support, City and County residents receive special discounts and free admission to the Garden on Wednesdays and Saturdays before noon. Learn more here.

To learn more about the ZMD, please visit their website.


Botanical Garden Subdistrict

The ZMD levies an annual tax on property on behalf of five subdistricts, including the Botanical Garden Subdistrict. The subdistrict contracts with the Garden to provide botanical services.

Diego Abente       Non-Voting Advisory Members
Adrian E. Bracy       Olakunle Ayeni
Betsy Cohen
Hung-Gay Fung
      Daniel Welsh
Charlotte Hammond        
James F. Hoffmeister, Chair        
Sal Martinez, Treasurer        
Marcia B. Mellitz, Secretary        
Lydia Padilla        
Kristin Thompson Poelker, Vice Chair        

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Download the 2019 ZMD Report to the Community