Scout Programs at the Butterfly House

Brownie drawing a ladybugIn addition to scout programming at the Garden, scouts can explore the world of insects with us at the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House in Chesterfield, Missouri!
See Butterfly House Scout Programs


Scout Programs at Shaw Nature Reserve

Boy exploring creekThe same scout programs available at the Missouri Botanical Garden are now available at Shaw Nature Reserve as well! To request a program at Shaw Nature Reserve, please add a note in the "Additional Information" section on the Scout Experience Request Form to indicate that you would like to schedule the program at the Nature Reserve. See below for available programs

Shaw Nature Reserve, in Gray Summit, Missouri, offers 2,400 acres and 19 miles of trails to explore. With prairie, woodlands, wetlands, and glades, the Nature Reserve provides an ideal outdoor classroom for many scout programs.


Scout Programs at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Missouri Botanical Garden has several paths and opportunities for scout groups to come enjoy the Garden. We offer engaging, nature-inspired programs that provide hands-on activities and nature walks in the Garden.

We offer programmed experiences that work towards badge and journey requirements. We have a self-guided option for groups wanting to come and explore at their own pace. We also have add-on options like our exploration kits and admission to the Children’s Garden.

Programmed Experience
For groups who are wanting to complete badge and journey requirements, we offer more than 20 different programs. Each programmed experience includes admission to the Garden, class activities that complete badge and journey requirements and a guided walk of the Garden. Each program lasts approximately one hour and a half. Groups also have the option to add-on exploration kits and/or admission to the Children’s Garden (April–October).

The minimum fee for a programmed experience is $100, which includes 10 scouts and 2 chaperones. The fee for each additional scout is $10.

Programmed Experience Price
Programmed Experience (includes 10 scouts) $100
Additional scouts $10 per scout


Due to limited space in our classrooms, only the included chaperones are allowed in the classrooms if applicable.


Self-guided Experience
Scout groups are welcome to come explore the Missouri Botanical Garden on their own! Self-guided visits are available year-round. Add-on options are also available to make your visit the best possible experience.

Self-guided Experience Admission Price
Scouts No charge
Included Chaperones (1 for every 5 scouts) No charge
Additional Adults Full admission price



  • Scout Exploration Kits
    For the groups that are looking for a little bit more structure to their visit, but do not want to book an entire program, the Garden offers scout exploration kits. This kit is an over-the-shoulder bag with tools that scouts use to engage with the Garden. Also included are nature journals that scouts can take home, and a guided map of the Garden. Scout exploration kits are an additional $3 per scout.
  • Children’s Garden (open April–October)
    The Doris I. Schnuck Children’s Garden offers a wide array of hands-on exploration and play-centered learning opportunities! Scouts can explore a Missouri wetland with Lewis and Clark, explore a cave and pilot a steamboat with Mark Twain, pretend to keep shop in a settlement town with Daniel Boone, or explore the parts of plants and their role in an ecosystem with Garden founder Henry Shaw! Admission to the Children’s Garden is $3 extra per scout.

Programs are held based on instructor and classroom availability. To request a program, fill out the Scout Experience Request Form. The form has a space to list three dates that your group would be available to come to the Garden. Dates must be at least six weeks from the day the request is submitted.

Programs are held rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather, a rain back-up date can be scheduled. For more information on availability, email or call (314) 577-0243.

To register, fill out the Scout Experience Request Form. For questions about programming or an existing visit or program scheduled, email or call (314) 577-0243.


Girl Scouts

Daisy Programs

    Daisy in ClimatronFlower Garden
Explore the world of plants, gardening, pollination, and composting as you discover the wonders of the Garden.  We will discuss the different plant parts that we eat every day and the important role honey bees play with our food. Each daisy will create a unique fairy garden to take home. We help them complete the requirement for the Watering Can Award along the "It’s Your World—Change it!" Journey. The Watering Can Award represents girls being "responsible for what I say and do." Girls earn the award by caring for their fairy garden.
    Design with Nature
Have you ever gone on a hike and wondered where the animals were? Have you ever wanted to go bird-watching? You can listen to nature. You can look at nature. In this badge, you'll explore nature. You'll think about what you see. You'll make and do things in nature.
    Numbers in Nature
Explore how to measure objects with this badge. A measurement is the size or amount something. You’ll measure different things. You’ll create your own way to measure nature, too!
    Shapes in Nature
Nature is full of beautiful things. You can find rainbows. You can search for flowers. You can look for leaves. This badge is all about looking carefully at nature. You never know what you’ll find!
    Outdoor Art Maker
Nature is full of beauty and art. Come out to Missouri Botanical Garden to explore the art that we have around the Garden.


Brownie Programs

    Design with Nature
Plants, bees, and birds are fascinating! They’re all part of nature. This badge is all about using math to do things in nature. Math can help you design a garden, build a bird feeder, and explore the world of bees.
    Numbers in Nature
Do you like the feeling of sun or seawater on your skin? Do you like the smell of flowers or pine trees? Have you ever listened to the birds? Touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing are all ways to sense or understand the world around us. This badge is all about understanding nature. You’ll use your senses to gather information. You’ll use other tools to learn even more about nature.
    Shapes in Nature
Nature is full of colors and shapes. Imagine a leopard’s spots or a butterfly’s wings. Think of a bee’s honeycomb or a turtle’s shell. In this badge, you’ll look carefully at nature. You’ll track what you see. You’ll create art about it. You’ll share what you find.
    Outdoor Art Creator
There are different ways to explore art and to create art with nature. Find out how you can make your own art outdoors and have fun doing it.


Junior Programs

    Girl gardeningGardener
What better location to earn your Gardener badge than at the Missouri Botanical Garden! Have fun touring some of our most interesting gardens while learning about growing methods and techniques used. Scouts will also learn how to garden in a sustainable way. Scouts will design their own garden based on what they learned. Conduct experiments to learn about growing conditions and plant a mini garden to take home. Meets all requirements for Gardener badge.
Learn the wonders of a flower and uncover the science behind them by dissecting them yourself! Be an ethnobotanist as you learn about the traditional and medicinal uses of flowers. Create a meaningful flower bouquet to take home to a loved one. Scouts will also pot a plant fit for a medicinal garden. Meets all requirements for Flowers badge.
    Design with Nature
Enjoying time in nature often requires planning. You might decide where you’ll go, how long you’ll be gone for, and what you’ll bring. In this badge, you’ll use math to help you plan and organize a hike and campout. You’ll think about all these things as you get ready for your hiking adventure.
    Numbers in Nature
How do you know what time it is or what the weather will be? Can you figure out how old a tree is by looking at it? In this badge, you’ll do all of these things! Math can be used to tell us all kinds of things about nature, from how tall or old a tree is to the weather, season, or time.
    Shapes in Nature
How are butterfly wings, peacock feathers, seashells, and lightning alike? They’re all patterns in nature. A pattern is when something repeats itself, like a checkerboard or stripes on a tiger. Nature is a talented artist! It uses patterns, based in math, in many creations. In this badge, explore patterns found in nature and use math to create your own.
    Outdoor Art Explorer
Missouri Botanical Garden has tons of ways to explore art in nature. Let nature be your inspiration as you explore, create, and design different kinds of art.


Cadette Program

    Outdoor Art Apprentice
Missouri Botanical Garden has tons of ways to explore art in nature. Find out how to observe and collect things outdoors that will drive your art and creativity.


Cub Scouts

Lion Program

    Boy in gardenReady, Set, Grow
Walk around the gardens and see different ways to grow plants. We'll see plants growing inside, outside, and in containers. Practice gardening skills and grow your own plant.


Wolf Program

    Finding Your Way
Come out and explore the different properties of compasses and learn how to read a map. Explore your own neighborhood and city streets. Using our trails, complete a scavenger hunt to find something incredible. Come explore and find your way at Missouri Botanical Garden.


Bear Program

    Fur, Feathers, and Ferns
Take a scientific discovery walk with us! We'll employ methods used by Naturalists to search for the animals and plants that inhabit our beautiful sites. Visit the Garden and search for the many bird species that call the Garden home. Explore the benefits of composting and plant a veggie or herb to take home! This program meets all the requirements for the Bear Adventure Fur, Feathers and Ferns.


Webelo Program

    Cub Scouts with instructor studying tree cookiesInto the Woods
Our Garden contains almost 5,000 trees! Discover how to identify Missouri's native trees as well as plants. Use this skill on a hike to find wild edibles. Scouts will also examine tree cookies and learn the science behind dendrochronology, the study of growth rings in trees. This program completes requirements 1–4, 6 and 7 of the AOL/Webelos Elective Adventure Into the Woods. This program goes towards completing the Dr. Charles H. Townsend Supernova Award for Webelos.


Eagle Scouts

If you are interested in completing your community service project with us, please contact The Garden does not allow planting on site but can work with you to find an appropriate place for your project.